New Hampshire Gardens

Fitzwilliam: Rhododendron State Park

Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire Rhododendron State Park Rhododendron State Park is named after the 16-acre grove of Rhododendron Maximum, which is the focal point of the park. A 0.6 mile-long universally accessible trail encircles the grove allowing visitors to observe, close up, the fragrant clusters of pink blossoms as they burst into bloom in mid-July. A […]

Lee: Bedrock Gardens

Arch of the Acrobats, which frames the entrance to Petit Pond, with its waterfalls Japanese Maples and Tea House.

Lee, New Hampshire Bedrock Gardens This 20-acre privately-owned garden is designed as a garden journey that takes anywhere from one and a half to two hours to complete. The gardens are the creations of Jill Nooney, horticulturist, sculptor, and landscape designer, and Bob Munger, engineer, and hardscaper. Notable for its plants, design, hardscape and sculpture, it features an […]

Portsmouth: Celia Thaxters Appledore Island Garden

Celia Thaxter's garden

Celia Thaxter’s garden Portsmouth, New Hampshire Celia Thaxters Appledore Island Garden Once an artist’s colony, poet Celia Thaxter’s historic seaside garden on Appledore Island was made famous by her 1894 memoir, An Island Garden, with the beautiful illustrations by Childe Hassam. Today, the 95-acre island is home to Shoals Marine Laboratory, offering undergraduate education and […]